The concept for a Character Select Screen has been around since MYM 1. Originally being made by Fawriel, MYM's founder, the task has more recently taken up by Junahu, who makes one specifically for Original Characters, and agidius, who, starting in MYM 3.0, has created one spanning every entry who meets the minimum requirements. These screens are later posted on various Smash message boards to see the lulz form.

The Fantastic Four

Of course, with a select screen, there must be characters being selected, right? In agidius's screen, four movesets are chosen to be immortalized. These four are:

  1. The winner of the contest.
  2. A set agidius chooses on his own, usually his own Moveset.
  3. The set that represents fail in the current contest. For MYM 3.0, this was Fierce Deity Link, and will be Roomba in MYM 4.
  4. The set which placed fourth in the contest.

External Links

MYM 3.0's CSS

Chief Mendez's representation of the Top Four in battle


MYM 4's top 50 CSS