Eddie the Head is the mascot for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. To date, two movesets have been created for Eddie.

Iron Maiden Killers

Iron Maiden's mascot, as seen on the cover for the band's second album.


Eddie is a zombie created by artist Derek Riggs. Although little is canonically known about his personality, it is implied that he is murderous, as well as interested in women. Eddie has appeared on dozens of Iron Maiden album covers, and even appears in Iron Maiden's live shows.

Z. Hoot's Eddie

In Make Your Move 1, Eddie was the fourth moveset posted.

The Moveset

yep. It finally happened. EDDIE from "Iron Maiden" has joined the Brawl!!!


B: Guitar Solo
-Eddie whips out his guitar and proceeds to shred through a face-melting solo. All within Eddies awesomeness get their faces melted.

VB: Eat Brains.
-Eddie chomps the brains of the guy in front of him, turning him into a brainless minion of METAL

>B: Shoot with a Gun
-Eddie whips out his gun from "Ed Hunter" and blows the guy standing far away into a skinless heap

^B: Flaming Horns
-Eddie flashes the Flaming Horns of the Goat and rises upward, as if lifted by the most excellent music. Anyone caught in his path is impaled and lit in flame with rock and roll.

Final Smash: Iron Maiden in Concert!
-Iron Maiden is shown playing in the background of the stage. Eddie is jamming right with them. Everybody who is a slave to the man dies.

All of his other attacks involve brains, spears, and riffs. And beating people with a guitar.



Although it is unknown whether Eddie has received any other commenting, Eddie won a single star out of a possible three at the end of Make Your Move.

Sonic the Baron's Eddie

Towards the end of Make Your Move 4, Sonic the Baron unveiled his version of Eddie the Head. Like El Duderino's Weird Al, IvoryFlame's Joe Perry, and TWILTHERO's Three Days Grace, Eddie's moveset was based on names of Iron Maiden songs. Uniquely, nearly all of Eddie's moveset is written in the first person, primarily by Eddie himself and Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris.


The moveset has received mostly postive comments, although they have been more about the first person perspective and the font styling than the actual moveset. However, KingK.Rool has shown interest in the near-useless Down Tilt, named after the song "Rainmaker."

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