List of Fallen MYMers Killed in the Line of Movesets Edit

- BronzeBlade7

- Commander Blitzkreig (MYM 3.0's leader)

- Cruxis

- darkserenade

- Darkurai

- Eternal Smasher

- Fawriel (MYM's founder)

- GreatClayMonkey (Was in charge of MYM 2.0)

- HeoandReo He's back o.o

- Iron Thorn

- InfernoRage1

- KoJ

- Lenus Altair

- mantlecore77

- Pelikinesis

- PKSkyler

- smashbot226

- smasherk808

- Tanookie

- the melon!!!!!

- Twilight-Emblem He's Back!

- xX Boezy Xx

- Chief Mendez

- Spadefox - Onishiba  .JOEL (D)

- Sonic the Baron

- SirKibble (Until July 2011)

Conspiracy TheoryEdit

So far, all of the people who have led a MYM contest in the past have been unable to keep up with it, leaving as the next contest drew near to the end. This trend seems to be continuing, as SirKibble has left MYM for two years, Warlord was banned temporarily after MYM6, and Hyper_Ridley has announced his resignation as leader. Smash Daddy seems sure to follow, with everyone sharpening their pitchforks to lynch him. This trend was turned into a prophecy and brought to public attention by KingK.Rool, although who it was discovered by is heatedly debated amongst both KRool and agidius, who was the one to write the article about it. It is possible that both of them thought it up individually, but each believes himself to be the first.

(*takes the mature road*)


(*shoots both K.Rool and Agi*)

(*exploits MYM*)