Fierce Deity Link is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask that is uber-powerful. This makes him ideal for MYM, right? Right?

The First Coming, A.K.A. the Bad FDL Edit

On September 9th, 2008 at 09:17 PM, --WAMY-- made MYM history when he posted quite possibly the worst moveset MYM had ever seen in MYM3. He posted a Fierce Deity Link moveset that had nothing but a picture, a set of specials and a Final Smash. Each of them were one sentence long and horribly written. The Detail Nazi still has nightmares about it. The moveset was so bad, everyone used reverse psychology on --WAMY-- and commented on how epic and awesome it was. Some memorable quotes:

"Another beautiful moveset from WAMY, the guy with the Banjo Kazooie avatar! This one is even better then Skull Kid, I don't know how that's even possible. This will CLEARLY be the winner of the contest, hands down. . .Unless this brilliant mind gives us yet another great moveset!" ~MasterWarlord

"Wow! Awesome moveset! Something as awesome as that... Well, people are gonna start quitting the contest because they know they can't compete. I know I'm thinking about it after seeing that! Wow! Incredible!" ~SirKibble

"That moveset is one of the greatest movesets ever. I just shat myself in four different areas. I just created Number Five- shooting hot steamy liquids from my eyes from witnessing that amazing spectacle. I just came. All over the computer screen." ~smashbot226

Because of this, FDL went down forever as a MYM meme.

--WAMY--'s Disaster Edit

Fierce Deity Link

he's pretty much like link but stronger and has different specials :D :D :D ________________________________ specials:

up B = great spin just like links

B = fierce diety swings his sword and a dark wave is sent

Side B = he jumps sideways and stabs

down B = fierce diety strikes his sword on the ground and a dark wave circles him

finale smash = majora's incarnation fierce deity turns into majora's incarnation and runs around the stage attacking any one

The Second Coming, A.K.A. the Good FDL Edit

On October 17th, 2008, Kholdstare posted his first moveset: Fierce Deity Link. This one, however, was a polar opposite of --WAMY--'s. It was described as epic and awesome. One person even commented that it was so well done, that they can't use FDL as an insult anymore. It got into the MYM3 Top 50.

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