Henry Townshend, the main character of Silent Hill 4

Origin Edit

Henry Townshend is the main protagonist of the PS2 game "Silent Hill 4." Throughout the game Henry finds himself entering various worlds through a hole that appears in his bathroom. He soon becomes wrapped up in the mystery surrounding the seemingly deceased serial killer Walter Sullivan and, along with his neighbor Eileen Galvin, Henry seeks a way to stop Walter before his plan of the 21 Sacraments can come to fruitation.

Moveset Edit

Posted on page 29 of Make Your move 4.0., the Henry Townshend moveset created by MarthTrinity took him about two weeks of on and off work to finish. This moveset is seen as MarthTrinity's "turn around" moveset in which he completely revamped his style in order to create a moveset to keep up with the ever increasing demand for detailed moveset.

Easily MarthTrinity's most detailed moveset at the time, Henry came complete with all kinds of extras including a boss, an assist trophy, a stage and a first for MarthTrinity; Event Matches.

Henry came with a few quirks to him, most notably the Down Special and Final Smash that can quickly add up damage to Henry as well as an opponent. Another key thing to note about Henry is that all of his moves and weapons are taken directly from the game itself, making use of every obtainable weapon Henry can use in Silent Hill 4.

Reception Edit

Henry recieved mostly positive reception, especially in a review by SpadeFox. This was generally considered a vast improvement over MarthTrinity's previous movesets and as said by SirKibble, MarthTrinity "stepped it with the rest of the group."

Trivia Edit

- During the process of creating this moveset, MarthTrinity beat Silent Hill 4 twice in order to get all of the weapons that could possibly be used for moves.


The support button for Henry.

- This is the first moveset in which MarthTrinity used percents.

- Henry was the first moveset reviewed by SirKibble.

- Henry was also the first Silent Hill moveset in any Make Your Move contest [citation needed] but also gave MarthTrinity the idea to do movesets for Pyramid Head and Heather Mason.

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