HeoandReo is a setmaker who has so far participated in Make Your Move 2.0, 3, and 8.

Make Your Move 2.0 Edit

Inspired by the very first topic, he initially posted with his first moveset, Lemeza Kosugi of La-Mulana, eventually following up with a set for Johnny Turbo. He achieved fame through creation of a list detailing every single moveset in the topic. Ultimately, he was promoted into the leadership of MYM3's C.O.M.M.I.E.S. at the end of the topic.


Lemeza Kosugi(La-Mulana)

Johnny Turbo(Johnny Turbo/Turbografx)(Placed 35th)

Mary Sue

Karnov(Fighter's History)

Liu Yungmie(Fighter's History)

Snoopy and Woodstocks(Peanuts)

King Suren(Bokosuka Wars)

Other Contributions:

Subspace Emissary 2.0(Story Mode)

Make Your Move 3.0 Edit

HeoandReo started his career in MYM3 as a C.O.M.M.I.E., one of the leaders and judges of movesets to be entered. While he started a review website on Blogger intending to review every set in the contest, the contest simply grew far too quickly for him to maintain it, and ultimately in the middle of the contest, he stepped down from leadership and vanished, seemingly never to return.


Dan Hibiki(Street Fighter)(Placed 43rd)


Chun-Li(Street Fighter)(Placed 33rd)

Make Your Move 8 Edit

More than a year and 5 topics later after his departure from Make Your Move 3.0, he returned out of thin air with a very outdated looking moveset for Strago Magus. He quickly followed up with movesets for Kilgore Trout, Sophie Hatter and Strong Bad, trying to improve his presentation, before taking time off for a month and returning with a set for Ryoko Kano.


Strago Magus(Final Fantasy 3/6)

Kilgore Trout(Kurt Vonnegut)

Sophie Hatter(Howl's Moving Castle)

Strong Bad(Homestar Runner)

Ryoko Kano(Fighter's History)