A joke moveset is, as the term suggests, a moveset created solely for the purpose of lulz.


Super Gimp Charizard

List of joke movesets Edit

  • Giygas by Darkslash
  • Leonidas by Sonic the Baron
  • Babe by Sonic the Baron
  • Super Gimp Charizard by SirKibble
  • Cappy Holding Two Gordos by SirKibble
  • Giygas by Kholdstare
  • Chuck Norris by Kholdstare
  • Late Christmas Shopper by Baloo

Mask MovesetEdit

Mask movesets are a subset of Joke movesets in which a moveset consists entirely of material written about an existing brawl character (e.g. Mario, PIKACHU etc). These joke movesets are typically harder to spot at first glance, thanks to the consistant, serious tone that the movesets take.

An example of a Mask moveset would be MYM3.0's Blood Falcon, which was a carbon copy Captain Falcon's moveset