Make Your Move 3.0 was created on the 18th of August, 2008 around 7am [CST] by Commander Blitkrieg. It ran until the 12th of December in the same year.

Overview Edit

It carried with it a plethora of new ideas that were later brought together to form The Stadium and had a league of four 'council members' or 'C.O.M.M.I.E.S' (Council Of Moveset Making In Every Sort) who attempted to direct the thread. These members were Commander Blitzkrieg [thread creator], GreatClayMonkey, SirKibble, HeoandReo, and Chris Lionheart. GreatClayMonkey and HeoandReo would later step down, inspiring Blitzkrieg to add Chief Mendez and Sonic the Baron to the fold. Baron found the job overwhelming and chose to step down not long after, and MasterWarlord, after multiple attempts, got the coveted final spot. At the end of the contest, Blitzkrieg, too, stepped down from his lofty position to make way for the five Sandbags (with Kibble as their chosen leader), formed by the four remaining C.O.M.M.I.E.S and one new member, KingK.Rool.

The winning moveset of the thread was Chief Mendez's Dracula, with MasterWarlord's Cervantes a close second, supported by the popular and technocratic vote, although many other Make Your Move 3.0 movesets were of a substantial level of quality.

Members of MYM3 Edit

Many users still active today started off in this contest, although not all are named, here is a selection. The list is a work-in-progress.

Members who joined in Make Your Move 3.0:

Top 50 Movesets

1. Lord Dracula by Chief Mendez
2. Cervantes by MasterWarlord
3. Headless Horseman by KingK.Rool
4. Donna Levman by Junahu
5. Gray Fox by Chief Mendez
6. Powers Kirby by KingK.Rool
7. Nightmare by MasterWarlord
8. Squeak Squad by KingK.Rool
9. Leonardo by TWILTHERO
10. Plusle & Minun by kitsuneko345
11. Phoenix Wright by Chief Mendez
12. Simon Belmont by Chief Mendez
13. Pidgeot by KingK.Rool
14. Nandaba Naota by Chief Mendez
15. Mia by TWILTHERO
16. Paper Luigi by SirKibble
17. Nintendogs by Iron Thorn
18. Andy's Toys by BKupa666
19. Shaman by Vaul
20. Voldo by MasterWarlord
21. Sandslash by SirKibble
22. Bass.EXE by Hyper_Ridley
23. Gecko Moria by KoJ
24. Street Performer by cheap josh
25. Light & Ryuk by MarthTrinity
26. Big Daddy & Little Sister by KoJ
27. Bard by Meadow
28. Fierce Diety Link by Kholdstare
29. Waddle Doo by SirKibble
30. Teigen by Iron Thorn
31. Delibird by kitsuneko345
32. Grim Reaper by KingK.Rool
33. Chun-Li by HeoandReo
34. Dry Bones by Iron Thorn
35. Tails by Dancingfrogman
36. CEO by cheap josh
37. Team Rocket by dancingfrogman
38. Team Big Shots by Commander Blitzkrieg
39. Sagi by TWILTHERO
40. Sora by Chief Mendez
41. Shade by Hyper_Ridley
42. Enker by Hyper_Ridley
43. Dan Hibiki by Heoandreo
44. Ray 01 by Delta_BP26
45. Drake & Josh by TWILTHERO
46. Dalek by KoJ
47. Goombella by Meadow
48. Ashencroft by Chris Lionheart
49. Magikoopa by KingK.Rool


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