Movesets are the central focus of the Make Your Move contests. A moveset is theoretical translation of a character into the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Parts of a Moveset Edit

Traditional Requirements Edit

The following things are generally accepted as being necessary parts of any Make Your Move moveset.

  • 1 Standard, or Neutral, Combo
    • the attack performed by leaving the control stick in default position and pressing A repeatedly
  • 3 Tilt Attacks (the Forward Tilt, the Up Tilt, and the Down Tilt)
    • the attacks performed by tilting the control stick to one direction and pressing the A button
  • 1 Dash Attack
    • the attack performed by pressing the A button while running
  • 3 Smash Attacks (the Forward Smash, the Up Smash, and the Down Smash)
    • the attacks performed by "tapping" the control stick hard to one direction, while simultaneously pressing the A button
  • 5 Aerials (the Neutral Air, the Forward Air, the Backward Air, the Up Air, and the Down Air)
    • the attacks performed by pressing A (as well as optionally tilting or tapping the control stick) while airborne
  • 4 Special Attacks (the Neutral Special, the Side Special, the Up Special, and the Down Special)
    • the attacks normally performed with the B button (and optional tilting or tapping of the control stick)
  • 1 Grab, 1 Pummel, 4 Throws
    • The attacks accessed by using the Z button, or Shield + A.
  • 1 Final Smash
    • the attack performed with the B button after your character has broken open a Smash Ball

Extras Edit

"Extras" are non-required pieces of information that are sometimes included at the end of a moveset. Some are very common, while others are included by only a few MYMers. The following is a list of some possible extras.

  • Taunts
  • Victory Poses
  • Universe Symbol
  • Entrance Animation
  • Kirby Hat
  • Alternate Colors
  • Stage
  • SSE Role
  • Solid Snake CODEC Conversation
  • Playstyle Summary
  • Dojo Update
  • Snake Eater Radio Conversation