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Peanutbutter Face is an expertly made moveset created by donkeykongwii during the course of Make Your Move 4. Originally posted on page 540, this spectacular moveset was unfortunately pushed out of the viewing eye because of SirKibble's Frog moveset and Chris Lionheart's preview for his Sandbags moveset.

Boasting an impressive array of attacks and a number of extras, Peanutbutter Face is already a contender for the top spot in Make Your Move 4. To further add upon this already impressive display, Peanutbutter Face seems to be an Original Character created entirely from the creative mind of donkeykongwii. Speculation about how long this moveset took to make ranges from several months to since the beginning of Make Your Move 3.

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Peanutbutter face


Possible origin behind Peanutbutter Face.

B: Spreads peanuts butter on you and enemy gets inverted controls for a while
B>: Shoots a glock full of peanut butter
B^: Mr. Peanut comes down and lifts peanutbutter face into the air
Bv: Pulls out a knife full of peanut butter and stabs enemy in chest and they get a chest infection which can only be healed by dr mario, TOO BAD HES ONLY IN MELEE!!

FS: Chunky Peanut Butter: Pulls out a container of chunky peanut butter and it launches all over the stage. Everyone is stuck on the ground while the chunks smash them in the face. Then using the wiimote, control PBF's tongue as he licks up the peanut butter and everyone flies away.

Taunt: Pulls out a container of peanut butter and eats it (Goes for 1 minute)
Taunt2: Pulls out A PB sandwich and eats it and if anybody touchs him they get herpies

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Peanutbutter Face was mostly well recieved with several MYMer's stating how it was highly unfortunate at how it was covered up by the Frog moveset on the previous page. Most of the praise for this moveset comes from the highly unique Down B, the unique use of product placement (Mr. Peanut) and the creative taunts.

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