Plorf was a newcomer to the contest Make Your Move 5. Up to this point, he's remained relatively inactive in the thread, but has become a well-known regular of the chat. His MYM philosophy has gotten him in a lot of trouble with other MYMers (Warlord), this happening only recently. He is also known as MYM's scapegoat. If anything goes wrong, from Subaru not placing to the leaders slacking off on the reviews, it's probably Plorf's fault.

Plorf enjoys making movesets from the Mega Man and Pokemon universe. Of these two franchises, he actively plays neither.

Make Your Move 3.0 Edit

Plorf was new to SWF at this point, stumbling upon MYM 3 about a quarter of the way through the contest. He didn't have many moveset ideas and instead lurked until the contest was finished.

Make Your Move 4 Edit

He also lurked throughout most of the MYM 4 thread, and observed almost all the new movesets being posted. During this period, most of his concepts for characters to start on were created. After the contest had ended and the voting period began, Plorf made his first posts following the recent creation of a new account there. He was generally well-received, and it was then that he first visited the Make Your Move chat room.

Make Your Move 5 Edit

Plorf has made Metal Man, which placed 9th, and Heat Man, a joint with SirKibble, which placed about 23rd, I think.

Make Your Move 6 Edit

Plorf didn't do so well this contest, though still got two sets in the top 50: Tomahawk Man and Vile, which was a joint with HR. Maha Ganeshariff was also made, but that got terrible reception for whatever reason <.<. Anyway, towards the end of the contest he just got a huge number of ideas for movesets that will probably take a while to finish up.

Make Your Move 7 Edit


Make Your Move 8Edit


  • Solar Man (average reception)
  • Kingdra (ONE STAR REMOVED)


"Plans": Edit

  • SHOTZO (smirk2)
  • Twelve
  • Roy
  • Pichu
  • Pyro
  • Scout
  • Soldier
  • Robo
  • Octopunch
  • Metal Mario
  • Dumb Drum
  • Mokura
  • Boomer
  • Tutankoopa
  • Bony Beetle
  • Awabō
  • Aerodent
  • Pokémon Trainer - Bulbasaur, Charmeleon, Blastoise
  • Latioas & Latios (with Khold)
  • Lanturn
  • Corsola
  • Primeape
  • Spiritomb
  • Torkoal
  • Hippowdon
  • Dusclops
  • ? ? ?
  • Simirror
  • Heavy Mole
  • Pirate Man
  • Cold Man
  • Frost Man
  • Toad Man
  • Pump Man
  • Spark Man
  • Spring Man
  • Pollution Man
  • Kamegoro Maker
  • Yellow Devil
  • Vile
  • DX3 Mavericks
  • Crush Crawfish
  • Gravity Beetle
  • Deathtanz Mantisk
  • Craft
  • Copy X
  • Rainbow Devil
  • NetNavis - variable
  • Various other nonsense

Trivia Edit

A popular source of humour on the MYM Chat is the photoshopping of Plorf's face/head onto random pictures, something which annoys Plorf no end.