Reviews are a method of responding to movesets most commonly used by a Make Your Move contest's leadership, although other users are welcome to conduct reviews as well. Reviews constitute an in-depth look at a particular moveset, pointing out both its strong points and its weak points. Many MYMers use these reviews to make themselves aware of possible changes they can make to their movesets, in order to improve them and give them a better shot at ranking in the Top 50.

Make Your Move 3.0 Edit

The process of reviewing movesets began in Make Your Move 3.0, and started as an attempt to respond elaborately to every moveset submitted in the thread. While the reviews generally credited as the first were those of SirKibble, his inspiration for the site was the concept of HeoandReo, who made a site on which he intended to respond to every moveset in the thread, if only through a brief sentence or even a couple of words. The idea was eventually taken up by multiple users, eventually being more-or-less perfected by two of the thread's C.O.M.M.I.E.S., Chief Mendez and MasterWarlord.

The following users conducted some form of review site in Make Your Move 3.0:

Make Your Move 4 Edit

In Make Your Move 4, the major source of reviews is the Sandbags' site, The Stadium. The vast majority of reviews are handled there, by the five Sandbags:

A few other MYMers have also set up review systems: