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The Sandbags were the group of 5 MYMers who were in charge of leading Make Your Move 4. They conducted reviews, documented moveset submissions, and kept track of Story Modes written for the contest on a site called The Stadium. The Sandbags were

They made all decisions collaborately, despite SirKibble being the technical "leader" of the contest.

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Use of the term "Sandbag" for the authority of the contest was first suggested by Chief Mendez. Due to Chief Mendez's eccentric nature, it was unclear at first whether the suggestion was a joke or not. However, upon being unable to come up with any ideas that were generally agreed on as better, the four current leaders (KingK.Rool was not added to the leadership team until after a name had been agreed on) ultimately decided to use the name, feeling that the actual Sandbag in Super Smash Bros. represented them well enough, considering that "Mr. Sandbag is someone everyone knows and loves, and can always depend on, no matter how much damage you deal him."

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