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SirKibble, usually referred to by others as simply "Kibble," is a 21-year-old MYMer living in Utah, USA. He started making movesets in Make Your Move 2.0, became a leader in Make Your Move 3.0, and continued as a leader in the contests through Make Your Move 5 (as well as submitting an early moveset for Make Your Move 6). He then left on a two-year religious mission, after which he rejoined the community in Make Your Move X. Kibble is generally known for his relatively nice nature, and his obsession with the Kirby franchise.

Contest Details Edit

Make Your Move 2.0 Edit

SirKibble posted his first movesets in Make Your Move 2.0, shortly after joining Smash World Forums. His movesets were generally liked, though some went well under the radar. His later movesets, however, were greatly enjoyed by many people, and he gained status as a respected member of the Make Your Move community. He posted 12 movesets in this contest.

Make Your Move 3.0 Edit

SirKibble had established himself as a strong member of the community by the time Make Your Move 3.0 started. He made only 7 submissions to this contest, but used it as more of a testing grounds for some more unorthodox moveset ideas. Notably, he only submitted one Kirby character moveset to this contest.

Make Your Move 4 Edit

SirKibble was chosen by Commander Blitzkrieg to lead Make Your Move 4. Though the contest was well underway when he posted his first moveset, he was still considered a very strong contender, having greatly improved his moveset quality since Make Your Move 3.0.

Make Your Move 5Edit

SirKibble served as a guest authority alongside the Sins in Make Your Move 5. He wasn't sure if he'd be around until the contest's end, but as it turned out, he managed to stick around the whole time, seeing this contest to its finish.

Make Your Move 6Edit

SirKibble left just before Make Your Move 6 started, but posted an early moveset for it at the end of Make Your Move 5, which was considered eligible for voting in Make Your Move 6.

Make Your Move XEdit

SirKibble returned from his leave of absence part-way through Make Your Move X. Despite having been out of the moveset-producing factory for a while, he made two movesets, both of which he knew would not be on-par with current quality levels, but nonetheless, felt he should make for practice.

Make Your Move 11Edit

SirKibble has continued his efforts to catch up to current quality in Make Your Move 11.

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