Sir Kibble is an armored knight from the Kirby universe. Sir Kibble has appeared both as an enemy and as an ally to Kirby. There have been, to date, two individual movesets for Sir Kibble, and he has been included in one multi-character moveset.

Sir Kibble (moveset) image

A gold-armored Sir Kibble

Movesets Edit

Make Your Move 2.0 -- SirKibble's Sir Kibble Moveset Edit

The user SirKibble made the first moveset for Sir Kibble in Make Your Move 2.0. It received relatively little attention, only receiving one vote come voting time (from mantlecore77), and not receiving much commentary.

Make Your Move 3.0 -- Akiak's Sir Kibble Moveset Edit

The second moveset for Sir Kibble was made by Akiak during Make Your Move 3.0. It was his third and final moveset of the contest. Like its predecessor in Make Your Move 2.0, this moveset received almost no attention, partly because it was posted during a time the Make Your Move Awards were being thoroughly discussed.

Make Your Move 4 -- SirKibble's Super Star Helpers Moveset Edit

SirKibble remade his Sir Kibble moveset from Make Your Move 2.0 to include as a member of the Super Star Helpers moveset that he submitted as his first entry in Make Your Move 4.