The Great IGN Raid (The Battle of Ditto)
The Great IGN Raid image
The first moveset posted, BKupa's Ken moveset.
Vital statistics
Participants MYMer's
Date January 18th, 2009
Location IGN Forums

The eventEdit

At 3:00 PM board time, a raid was started on IGN's Brawl Boards involving the posting of several movesets, the first of which being BKupa's Ken moveset. This was quickly followed by several other sets and a posting of Master Warlord's entire "Master Hand's Royal Flush" BBQ. The movesets were mostly recieved with negative reaction due to the user UpliftHarp accusing the MYMer's of being trolls.

A few other threads were also created but after being bitched at by warios for a while, the MYMer's decided the raid was over and the lulz were had.

The raid also expanded slightly to to GameFAQ's where MasterWarlord posted his entire Joker and Cervantes movesets over the span of numerous posts.


As a result of the raid, the Xat chat was linked to IGN by SkylerOcon, to prove that he was not using multiple accounts to post all of the movesets. This gave them access to the chat and the ability to communicate with the MYMer's. Other results consisted mainly of lulz had among the MYMer's at the IGN user's reactions to the considerably better movesets destroying the relatively shitty attempt at a Ditto moveset.

Oddly enough, none of the users involved in this raid were banned, in fact it appears as if the mods of IGN do absolute shit all when it comes to spammers.

In the end though, the MYMer's apologized to IGN and told them they had never intended to troll the forum but rather wanted to show them what truly good movesets were. The apologies were accepted except by warios who is apparently still butthurt about the event.

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