"The primary purpose of this weblog is as an easily-accessible hub for all MYM4 participants to get answers from us, The Sandbags, submit their movesets for Sandbag Review, and check up on what everyone else is doing." --Chief Mendez

A snippet featuring the Stadium's mascot, the humble Sandbag.

The Stadium was created at the start of Make Your Move 4. Hosted by Chief Mendez on his Wordpress account, it serves as a catch-all reference for everything related to MYM.

The Stadium hosts a comprehensive list of movesets, brief history of MYM, reviews done by Sandbags, and also a reference for Story Modes.

Recurrence Edit

The Stadium made a second appearance in MYM 5, under its new name, The Abyss. Five new members were added to the crew: Tanookie,

Image courtesy of Spadefox

MarthTrinity, bkupa666, Spadefox, and Hyper Ridley.

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