YouTube Toilet is a representation of the various YouTube Poops invented by Sonic the Baron. It was created as an OC for MYM4.

YouTube Toilet image

The Toilet is tired of taking all this crap, or rather, poop!


YTT's attacks are based on YTP memes such as "I wonder what's for dinner." He is heavy character who relies mainly on projectiles. His throws all involve his toilet bowl, which is used as a mouth.


Upon initial posting, YTT only received one comment from Hyper_Ridley. Unfortunately, Baron mistimed the release of his moveset and posted on the same page as two others, including MasterWarlord's Cortex and Tiny.

Quotes from MasterWarlord's review

  • "The attacks here are decently original, none of them feel like moves taken from another character. Not a one."
  • "The humor here is what makes the moveset, obviously..."
  • "YTT spews out quite the variety of youtube poops...The majority of the essentials are here and healthily represented for an excellent package of lulz."

Quotes from Kit's review

  • "...The moves here have much in originality. The Names of the attacks and how is reflected on the move is great overall."
  • "Really the best [of the specials] was the side B, but the neutral B deserves respect as well."

Story Mode roles

In IvoryFlame's Time Crash, YTT is first seen chained to wall with Spadefox's King Harkinian, oblivious to the fact that he's a prisoner.

In Sonic the Baron's own The Fallen: The Return to Gamelon, YTT unsurpirsingly gets a larger role. YTT is first seen get barfed into by Beppo. The duo, along with Doggy & Bear, battle against The Joker and Tails Doll. Later, YTT is seen as the trial between Dexter and Cortex. Shortly after getting urinated into by Tiny, YTT is confronted by King Harkinian. He teams up with the King, Dexter, Apollo Justice, and Electrode against Nack, and later helps the group escape from the authority by flushing them into the Land of Crap. He Squadalas away, Hobo Santa tagging along. YTT is later seen in a club, releasing Wario and Captain Falcon from the Cage and once again causing chaos.

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